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Established in 1972, Cape Cobra Leathercraft is Africa’s largest exporter of luxury exotic leather goods. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, our atelier handcrafts sustainably farmed Nile Crocodile, Ostrich, and Python skins into timeless pieces in a variety of vibrant colors and styles.

EXPO 2020

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S/S 21


A walk along the beach, where all emotions, thoughts, and stresses disappear…. where the crashing waves become the soothing and calming sounds of freedom, and where the salty breeze captures your skin, while true healing and relaxation sets in…. Zuri was inspired by the seaside- where a walk on the beach transforms life and collecting the ocean’s mystical treasures captures the imagination. Seashells inspire the palette for SS21 – through soft pink, lavender, subdued orange, mellow yellow, and iridescent metallics, while greens and cognacs represent weathered glass which has spent many moons oscillating the ocean floor.
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CCL Classics host our favourite bags spanning from the past several decades. This collection embodies a range of our signature designs in various shapes and sizes- each of which has stood the test of time and remain a forever classic staple.
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