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The Ethics of Luxury

The sustainable practices upheld by Cape Cobra Leathercraft is what set’s them apart against the backdrop of the global luxury exotic leather goods market. The company respects all protected species and obtains its exotic skins under the strict laws and regulations of CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), which ensures the sustainability of international trade in wildlife. The Schäfer family played an integral role in the establishment of ELSA (Exotic Leather South Africa) – an organization responsible for developing best-practice industry standards to improve the long-term sustainability of the exotic leather industry itself.

These standards and practices allow for the clientele of Cape Cobra to feel at ease purchasing their beloved pieces, knowing they are handcrafted using ethically farmed exotic skins. Cape Cobra Leathercraft is a pioneer in their industry for building ethics, provenance and preservation into their brand philosophy.​ Support of the luxury industry is of paramount importance, for all the age-old skills collected over time by the artisans themselves, is the very foundation of the fashion industry’s repertoire for years to come. Cape Cobra Leathercraft feels just as strongly about preserving the fine techniques used during production as they feel about the sustainability of the skins being sourced.

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We are not trying to prove that sustainability in luxury fashion is possible; we are proof that it is possible. Luxury fashion is the example the rest follow and we are responsible for the changes we want to see in the industry going forward

Justine Schafer, Creative Director

A Heart for People

Cape Cobra Leathercraft has a heart for people, with more than 80 employees, many of whom are with the company since its inception and were joined by their following generation. The masters engage their apprentices in age-old techniques of the finest leathercraft, and so the tradition lives on. The diverse workforce at CCL facilitates inspiration and innovation from a broad spectrum of generations, cultures and backgrounds. The artistic creations are a result of the fusion of these many diverse imaginations. As a family unit, CCL has a strong appreciation for family values such as encouragement, support and empowerment, in particular through the provision of development and training opportunities.

We have the raw materials in the leather, we have the land, we have the know-how and above all we have the responsibility to give back to South Africa and its people.

Richard Schafer – Sales Director

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Vision, Mission & Values


To position South Africa at the fore of the international exotic leathercraft industry with its unique capacity for design and innovation. To establish Cape Cobra Leathercraft as an exotic leather hand-crafted product of choice on a global level.


To excite the world with state of the art exotic leather goods. Inspire world-class leaders with a tireless commitment to quality. Commit to sustainable business practices internal and external to the organization. Catalyze an international appreciation for South African potential through innovation, design and delivery across all business functions. Make a difference in the lives of South Africans through continued job creation, provision of development opportunities and empowerment of shared and individual ambitions.


Family, Honesty, Quality, Innovation, Sustainability, Tradition, Empowerment of People.
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